Eleanor Comley


Eleanor was the IWUN engagement officer helping to engage communities with the Shmapped app (WP3). She organised promotional events, meets with groups in Sheffield and managed the Shmapped social media accounts.

Eleanor has a wide range of experiences. She graduated last year with a BSc in Biology from the University of Sheffield, has since worked as an activity instructor and has been a learning assistant intern for the RSPB. She enjoys volunteering, having been involved with the Scout Association and the Woodland Trust, and now acts as an Assistant Secretary for the UK Overseas Territories Conservation Forum concentrating on the work of the Wider Caribbean Working Group.

Eleanor is very passionate about conservation research and spent three months in Malawi as a volunteer research assistant for Carnivore Research Malawi on their spotted hyena projects. She hopes to continue to develop a career in this field with a masters course in the future, focusing on human-wildlife conflict and community engagement.