Work package 4
A new green paradigm for wellbeing – an integrated approach to green blue infrastructure planning, health and social care

Aims and approach

Work package 4 developed prototypical green blue Infrastructure interventions (place-based recommendations for planning, design and management) that enhance H&W and have positive impacts on urban ecosystems, taking account of the differing values and ways of engaging with the natural environment identified in work package 2.

Work package 4 generated a co-produced, holistic framework for analysis of the costs and benefits of the prototypical green blue infrastructure interventions for a range of ecosystems services, harnessing the expertise and experience of professional (specialist) and lay stakeholders in this process.

Researchers also identified the contexts and barriers to implementing these changes in practice, including the policy and institutional barriers and the values of professional and lay stakeholders.

The findings from this work package translated into a new form of planning, design and management guidance relevant to a range of professional practice arenas and community organisations.


  • Green blue infrastructure valuation framework to compare the costs, benefits and trade-offs inherent in the ecosystems services bundles provided by different natural environment interventions aimed at promoting health and wellbeing.

  • A ‘Green blue infrastructure – green health guide’ non-academic practice guidance document co-produced in collaboration with the professionals and lay stakeholders including the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare and The Wildlife Trusts.

  • Targeted briefing notes disseminating policy and practice findings to key audiences.

  • An IWUN project website containing news/updates and copies of key outputs until 2020.


Nyantara Wickramasekera

Dr Jing Ma

Julian Dobson

Hildy Steinacker

Professor John Henneberry

Dr Nicola Dempsey

Dr Kevin Thwaites

Dr Phil Shackley