Work package 3
Which characteristics of urban natural environments deliver the health and wellbeing benefits?

Aims and approach

The aim of work package 3 was to understand how urban natural environment characteristics deliver health and wellbeing benefits.

A large-scale quasi-experimental study with a control group was proposed using data collection via a novel smartphone application (app) based on an internet study (Richardson and Sheffield, under review), which recorded users’ journey, locations, and duration of stay in natural environments, thereby allowing exposure to types of natural environment to be calculated.

Further context was provided by prompting users to notice nature, record the ‘good things in nature’ and perceived levels of biodiversity. These prompts were time and location (eg hot spot) based.

Work package 1 provided geographic information systems and science, natural environment typology and biodiversity mapping and work package 2 provided a framework of potential barriers and facilitators to natural environment engagement.

The ‘good things in nature’ data generated underwent quantitative analysis as part of work package 2. The analysis of natural environment characteristics informed work package 4. The use of EQ5D informed health economic analysis in WPs 3 and 4.


  • EQ5D data informed health economic analysis in WP4.

  • Green prescription version of the app with feedback loop to provide audit data via automated email to the referring clinician to provide greater GP uptake.


Fiona J Ferguson

Eleanor Comley

Dr Kirsten McEwan

Professor David Sheffield

Dr Miles Richardson